This program gives graduates of the EXCEL program the opportunity to go further in their leadership training.  Alumni are invited to meet with community leaders to network at various events including social hours, luncheons, half-day seminars and workshops.  Applicants should express their interest and specific request for such interaction on the Connect application form.

In addition, Alumni are invited to meet with each other in a social setting during the Summer months, after the Spring programs have concluded and before the Fall programs begin.   NLIGC is looking for suggested times, locations and agenda for such an event.   A physical meeting is desired, if COVID guidelines allow it by that time.   Any social meeting will be subject to COVID guidelines for such an event.   The effort will be to invite NLIGC graduates from previous years as well as all NLIGC graduates of the 2020-2021 programs.   Please provide your suggestions for a Summer Event on the Connect application form.    A Social Meeting Event will be posted when it is planned, organized and scheduled.