About Us

The Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati (NLIGC) provides leadership training programs for three levels of nonprofit officers and staff. The first program level is for executive directors and high-level managers of nonprofits (the EXCEL program).  The second program level is for supervisors at any level of authority (the ADVANCE program). The third program level is for staff members who are supervised or who take instructions in their daily work (the LEARN program). Staff at all three levels of responsibility are taught the basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Management Styles, Team Building, Communication Techniques, Conflict Resolution, and Strategic Thinking and Planning. The higher the level of leadership, the deeper and more thorough is the training in these areas. The objective of the leadership programs is to assist staff at all three levels to become better leaders and managers,  in their individual capacities. This, in turn, should assist their nonprofit agencies to better provide the agency’s services and benefits to those whom they serve.

NLIGC is a partnership between Talbert House and OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence. NLIGC has been providing leadership programs to nonprofits in the Cincinnati area for 12 years. More than 170 nonprofits have participated in the EXCEL program alone over this period of time, and many other  nonprofits have participated in the ADVANCE and LEARN programs. NLIGC keeps its cost of the leadership programs very affordable for all nonprofits of any size. NLGIC also provides specialized training courses through its CONNECT leadership program, and it can provide an ADVANCE program to an individual agency alone when that agency has sufficient participants to justify the special scheduling.

Mission of the NLIGC

TO PROVIDE nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati area with high quality, affordable leadership development options for all career stages.

TO DEVELOP nonprofit leaders through hands-on, individually tailored seminars and programs.

TO GROW nonprofit organizations' short and long term success through personnel development.

TO BUILD an alumni network and foster inter-organizational relationships.